What a first 6 months!!

So, the 4th of July will see Latchamdowling reach its 6 month birthday and what a 6 moths its been. I recall sitting hear with Gary on the 4th of January this year having both left corporate Estate Agency behind including a salary, pension, car etc etc etc and thinking “What have we done”????.

Fast forward to today and it seems a lifetime ago. Its been simply “wonderful” and we have now had 10 completions this month which is great but the best part has been dealing with members of the public. I have met some amazing people and its been such a pleasure to help people move. I think this stems from my corporate days where I only dealt with people when they complained or didn’t want to pay.

Going it alone has been a complete breath of fresh air and my ability to make decisions that are right for the customer and not just the “big corporate company” has been great.

Any way, here is to another great 6 months. Big expansion plans ahead.

James and Gary.

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