What a first three months.

So, it has now been three months since myself and Gary opened up. To say it has been better than we ever expected would be an understatement. We already have sold more houses that we projected to have sold by the end of September. The people we are meeting have all been “Fantastic” which just makes our job so enjoyable. I measured a house up two weeks ago and it took me three hours. I sat with the owners in the garden and we just chatted. The owner the said “what a great job getting paid to talk to people and drink coffee”. He was right, it is just great fun and so rewarding seeing people move.

We have now employed our first member of staff who is a fantastic young man called Joe and he starts on the 4/5/21 and I know he is really focused on great service.

I read today that rightmove has reported the speed of properties listing to being sold is currently the fastest timeframe it has been since they started operating in 2007!!!! So, its a great time to sell with a real shortage of property at the moment. Also the government backed 95% mortgages have come into effect so i believe it will add more fuel to an already buoyant market place.

So, have a great week everyone and remember to give us a call about all things property related.

James and Gary

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